Advances in Exploration Geophysics

Advances in Exploration Geophysics

Advances in Airborne and Ground Geophysical Methods for Uranium Exploration – IAEA Nuclear Energy Series Publication No. NF-T-1.5

Jim Marlatt coauthored a publication on advances in airborne and ground geophysical methods for uranium exploration for the International Atomic Energy Agency. Exploration geophysical survey methods play an important role in the discovery and definition of uranium deposits. GeoTotal Group mineral exploration consultants can provide advice on the selection and deployment of exploration geophysical technologies in the search for the next generation of economic uranium deposits.

Advances in Exploration GeophysicsDue to the growing global energy demand, many countries have seen a rise inuranium exploration activities in the past few years, and newly designed geophysical instruments and their application in uranium exploration are contributing to an increased probability of successful discoveries. This publication highlights advances in airborne and ground geophysical techniques and methods for uranium exploration, succinctly describing modern geophysical methods and demonstrating their application with examples. Source – IAEA

The publication covers many aspects of exploration geophysics for uranium exploration, with examples, including:

  • radiometric methods
  • electric and electromagnetic methods
  • gravity prospecting
  • magnetic prospecting
  • seismic prospecting
  • borehole logging
  • remote sensing

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