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“Our mineral exploration consultants work with you to optimize your human, organization and technology systems. Our goal is to provide innovative business and scientific solutions that will lead to the discovery of the next generation of economic mineral deposits at lower cost and within shorter time frames.”


… Cu, U, Mo, Au, Pb, Zn, Li, REE, PGE, Diamonds, Potash …


Brochure Mineral Exploration Consultants Page 2Our mission is to work with you to discover the next generation of economic mineral deposits and to minimize the social and environmental impacts related to your exploration activities.

Our goal is to help you to improve your economic mineral deposit discovery success rates while lowering the cost of your mineral exploration programs.

How do we do this? First, we work with you to align your business strategies with your human, organizational, and technological systems. And second, we work with you with to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our goal is to optimize strategic, managerial, operational, and innovation factors for discovery. Simply put, we develop your people, projects, plans, and technology for discovery. Check out our services.

We understand the exploration and mining value chain and the mineral exploration process. We work with you to develop your strategies, build your leadership and teams, develop exploration plays, acquire projects, and negotiate access to project areas.

We help you to select and develop the best technologies for competitive advantage. And we help you to design and conduct regional and detailed geological, geophysical, geochemical surveys, and drilling programs, leading to discovery and mineral deposit delineation.

We pay special attention to developing cost effective state-of-the-art scientific solutions in the hunt for economic mineral deposits.

We maximize your investment by ensuring that you are exploring in the right place, with the right tools, and with the right people. We have international expertise from the front-line to the boardroom working with major, junior and private companies, government agencies, and academic institutions.  And at arctic, desert, jungle, and other political, geographic, and geological frontiers.

mineral exploration process
                          Mineral Exploration Process


✓ Our Experience


GT+ … Organization Development

Our mineral exploration consultants have international experience with strategic management; portfolio development  fund raising; negotiations; education and training; talent management; leadership development; employee engagement; team building and more …

GT+ … Business Administration

Our mineral exploration consultants have international experience with business administration; boards; funding; stakeholder relationship management; land access negotiations; staking and permitting; developing relationships with first nations; strategic alliances, joint-ventures; health, safety and the environment, and more …

GT+ … Mineral Exploration

Our mineral exploration consultants and geological consultants have international experience with the design, development and management of mineral exploration programs; mineral exploration technology; geoscience, geology, geochemistry, geophysics; research and development; innovation management, and more …

GT+ … Collaborative Research & Development

Our mineral exploration consultants have international experience with the design, development and management of collaborative research programs and the development of innovative technologies with a goal of increasing economic mineral resource discovery rates.



✓ Our Focus



Our mineral exploration management consultants work with you to develop your business plan, assess organizational readiness, evolve your mineral exploration strategy, and develop your project portfolio.


Our mineral exploration management consultants work with you to assess your teams and build your talent pool through technical, management, and leadership training, development. and coaching.


Our mineral exploration consultants work with you to assess your mineral exploration projects and develop technological and business strategies to enhance the potential for economic mineral deposit discovery in shorter timeframes and a lower cost.


Our mineral exploration consultants work with you to assess the investment worth of your mineral exploration programs, to ensure that your programs run effectively, and develop innovative approaches for discovery.

Scientific Solutions

Our mineral exploration consultants work with you to develop cost affective scientific solutions to help you evaluate your projects and take you to economic discovery at lower cost and in shorter time frames.

Organizational Assessments

Our mineral exploration consultants work with you to assess mineral exploration program performance. We work with you to identify and leverage Key Drivers for Discovery through our Business Excellence Framework.


Assessing Mineral Exploration Performance

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✓ Exploration Project Portfolio Development


Our mineral exploration management consultants understand the business of mineral exploration. We can help you assess the investment worth of your exploration project portfolio and provide solutions to mitigate risk and improve your mineral exploration project success rates.

exploration risk assessment factors
“We can help you assess the risk factors that impact the  investment worth of your mineral exploration project portfolio.”


Assessing the investment worth of an exploration project portfolio is a complex activity situated in an evolving system involving many stakeholder and many risk factors.

The key exploration risk factors include prospectivity, explorability, environmental risk, social risk, country risk, mining risk, worker security and safety, and reputational risk.

Our geological consultants help you to address the questions of prospectivity and explorability to ensure that you are exploring in the right place and with the right talent and technology.

We understand that scientific solutions can save time, effort and money on the road to discovery and our consultants facilitate collaborative relationships between industry, universities and governments to accelerate the knowledge gathering process in support of better decision making.

Mineral explorers also need to develop a sense of mineability in the frontier environment and our consultants can coach our clients to build awareness.

We also understand that mineral explorers set the tone for miners and that an environmentally and socially sustainable approach to exploration activities is essential. Our mineral exploration consultants can help you to develop programs that garner stakeholders support, and to develop early stage environmental baseline data sets.

We also recognize that corruption can be a major impediment to immediate and longer-term exploration and mining development, and to securing relationships with major sponsors down the road. Our consultants can help you to understand and develop strategies to deal with corruption through transparent business practices.

Worker safety and security is a key consideration to conducting mineral exploration at home and abroad. Our consultants can help you to develop effective worker health and safety guidelines and emergency response processes.


James Marlatt Ph.D. MBA P.Eng. – CEO & Principal Consultant

James Marlatt PhDJim Marlatt, Ph.D, MBA, P.Eng, Founding Partner and GeoTotal’s CEO, has over 40 years of international experience in the management of mineral exploration programs and the development of over 20 applied industry-academia collaborative R&D programs. Jim’s focus is on improving economic mineral deposit discovery rates through the assessment of the investment worth of mineral exploration project portfolios,  and the effective development and management of mineral exploration programs, talent management, and leveraging geoscience for more efficient decision-making. Jim has worked from the front-line to the boardroom in the mineral exploration industry in major, mid-tier, junior, and entrepreneurial start-up companies. He led the team that discovered one of the world’s richest uranium deposits at McArthur River, Canada, and is an expert consultant to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

April Vuletich – President & Principal Geochemist

April Vuletich is GeoTotal’s President and Principal Geochemist. April is recognized as an international expert in forensic geochemical and isotopic analysis and is routinely consulted by industry, academic, and government agencies, including mineral exploration companies, the International Olympic drug-testing labs, U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the U.S. ATF (Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms). April worked for Mobil, Dallas as an essential analyst for all isotopic work in the Geochemistry Labs, where she established the Compound Specific Isotopic Analysis (CSIA) of hydrocarbons. A graduate of Metropolitan State College and the University of Colorado, April worked for the USGS from 1975 to 1988 then managed the Radiogenic Isotope Lab at the University of Saskatchewan through 1994, and is active at the Queen’s Facility for Isotope Research. Her research activities involve the design and implementation of a GC/C/IRMS interface for novel applications in the characterization of geologic material.

Brandi Shabaga – Forensic Technician

Brandi Shabaga is GeoTotal’s Forensic Technician. A graduate of the University of Manitoba (Geology and Biology), she is currently a member of the Manitoba Isotope Research Facility (MIRF), and has conducted laboratory- and field-based studies utilizing isotopic, chemical and geochemical methods for route attribution analyses and product quality control. She has worked in co-operation with government and World organizations such as the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), where she has presented her work at national and international conferences and workshops. Brandi’s laboratory skills include the application of EA-, TC/EA-, GC/C- IRMS, mineral petrography, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques.

Professor T.K. Kyser FRSC  – In Memorium

Kurt bio picProfessor Kurt Kyser, FRSC, Founding Partner & GeoTotal’s President passed away in 2017. Kurt is an internationally recognized expert in geochemistry and metallogeny. One of Kurt’s passions was the development of innovative approaches to mineral exploration. He worked with many mineral exploration companies on projects located around the world for over 30 years. Kurt published many articles and facilitated workshops on exploration geochemistry and the geology of mineral deposits. Kurt founded and directed the Queens’ Facility for Isotope Research.


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